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World class Orthopedic Stem Cells surgery for USA, UK and UAE patients

Orthopedic Stem Cells in India

In order to regenerate the function and better the quality of life, cell therapies are used in a variety of medical spheres. There are cell therapies that are life saving. Orthopedic stem cell therapy is primarily for bone grafting of skeletal flaws, managing delayed unions and non-unions, acquiring spinal arthrodesis, treating osteonecrosis and tissue engineering purposes. If you are wondering which cells should be used then you must know that stem cells are capable of duplicating and that's why change into varied cell types. Stem cells are naturally regenerative. Em...

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World class Neural Stem Cells surgery for USA, UK and UAE patients

Neural Stem Cells in India

The various parts of the brain and spinal cord have different and specific cells. Stem cell technology allows the separation and growth of neural stem cells from these regions of the cen­tral nervous system (CNS) in almost boundless numbers from a single tissue. The basic idea of the stem cell therapy is to restore and/or fix dead or diseased cells. Neural stem cell therapy is developing area specific cells that are pre-suited to the duties assigned to them once transferred into the CNS. For spinal cord indications, it is advisable to use human NSI-566 spinal cord ste...

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World class Endocrine Stem Cells surgery for USA, UK and UAE patients

Endocrine Stem Cells in India

Stem cells that reconstitute all types of blood cells treat a number of fatal diseases. Experiments show that the transfer of haematopoietic stem cells can overturn autoimmunity. Most patients with autoimmune disease have normal life expectancy though some suffer severe autoimmunity. Haematopoietic-cell transplantation (HCT) is a potential therapy for people with such severe intractable diseases. HCT involves the administration of haematopoietic stem cells (HSC), which are self-renewing and capable of giving rise to all mature haematopoietic cell types and possibly to...

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World class Cosmetic Stem Cells surgery for USA, UK and UAE patients

Cosmetic Stem Cells in India

Cosmetic Stem Cell treatment uses stem cells to rejuvenate and remould your body into a more appealing and young shape in a safe and natural manner. Pioneering technology united with modern stem cell cosmetic surgery techniques have made it possible to yield the in-demand autologus multipotent adult mesynchymal stem cells and inject them into some other part of the body to repair and regenerate the area. Cosmetic stem cell therapy is used to better and treat the eyes, forehead, temples, cheeks, laugh lines, frown lines, jowls, jaw line, chin, hands, buttocks, calves, ...

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World class Erectile dysfunction, Diabetic wound Stem Cells surgery for USA, UK and UAE patients

Erectile dysfunction, Diabetic wound Stem Cells in India

A stem cell can convert into any other cell or tissue type. The implications of this are great. The recent progress in stem cell research was listed as one of the most significant health stories. There are numerous ways in which this could make a difference in weight loss. It's common sense that it is practically impossible to lose weight permanently without exercise. Over 95 percent of the work out is for people to burn fat. This clearly shows that fat is difficult to burn off. Then how could your body possibly rebuild muscle tissue? It hardly makes a difference if y...

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    Saud Ibrahim
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