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Liposuction Treatments and procedures at TransEarth Medical Tourism
Anesthesia General Anesthesia
Procedure Time 90 mins
In-hospital Stay 2 days
Cost / Price USD $940

Medical Tourism Facilitator India

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Liposuction Potential Risks

Scarring, bruises and inflammation, swelling, skin burn and loss, Thrombophlebitis – swelling in the veins – in case of Liposuction of upper thighs, visible scarring and amplification of pubic area, bleeding, infections, allergies from anesthetics, contour deformities and skin loosening.

Satisfied Patients
  • "I have to say I was very impressed with each and every person who has been a part of my treatment phase - right from the nurses, ultrasound technician, radiologist to staffs in MRI services. TransEarth brings professionalism, positivity and good communications to the table.”

    Saud Ibrahim
    -- UAE

    “TransEarth made life so much better for me. The nurses and doctors were knowledgeable and helpful. They did everything in their capacity to make sure I was happy with the treatment I received. For me, it was one of the best hospital experiences I have had."

    Stephanie Pereira
    -- Canada
  • "You truly are the best! TransEarth brings to patients a state of the art medical facility. The staff kept checking on me even after I had returned home. This made me feel comfortable during a tough time like this."

    D.S. Harris
    -- United Kingdom

    “Like anyone else would, I was imagining it to be a nightmare preparing for my surgery. But to my surprise, TransEarth made my entire pre-op process very easy. I was given a king-like treatment during my hospital stay. TransEarth, you’ve been great!”

    M. Riley
    -- United States